REIF Group

REIF is a digital token that is backed by Real Estate: The quantity of tokens is limited by the the quantity of real estate in the portfolio. The book value is determined by dividing the assessed value of the total properties by the number of issued tokens. Reif will always buy coin at book value. Reif works to raise the book value through development and rent.

How it works: Reif is a digital token that is part of the eQuid network. You can send and receive the token through the network which means you can use it just like money. You can buy REIF either through the exchange where it trades or through The REIF management team buys, manages, and develops the real estate to increase value and therby increasing the book value of the token.

How does it make you money and what to expect.

When REIF purchase a property the number of tokens created is determined by the purchase price and the cost to develop. For example Evelyn which is the first project we are doing has a purchase price of 700 thousand and a cost to develop of 2.5 million. For a total of 3.2 million. The starting value of REIF is .01 usd per 1 REIF. The 3.2 million Evelyn project creates 320 million REIF. The future value of the property once the development is done is 5 million. That means when the project is done the book value of the token is 5 million divided by 320 million. The new book value is .0156. So if you bought 1 million REIF for 10000 dollars you can now turn around and sell it for $15,600. That is a 56% return on your investment.

How can we guarantee to buy it back at book value? REIF is backed by real estate. We keep a cash reserve so we can buy back reif at anytime. We prefer not to have loans with banks but if necessary we have a credit line collateralized on the property holding so we can buy back any reif our reserve might not cover. We don’t leverage the real estate with our tokens so if everyone wanted to sell their REIF we can mortgage the properties to cover it all.